Windsurf-Courses Children

Kids-courses will be in different age groups. Pls choose the level ones you select the age group.. We recommend you to book the all-day board rental to practice outside of lesson time. From 6/7 days rent: Flat Rate = free SUP + kayak (+ sunbeds in the off-season). Windsurfing Course & Rental Packages:
From 6/7 days of rental, discount are guaranteed for Windsurf Village guests upon presentation of the WSV voucher. Course days are usually consecutive. Additional course days can be booked on-site . Rental days are also consecutive and start together with the first day of the course. Levels selected in the booking can be changed on site. If no group is established, the course time is reduced to 1.5 hours for 2 people and to 1 hour for one person.